Dani Lea

About This Project

I started working with Elicia Briggs of Nutrition Pros in September of 2014. I was coming off of a surgery and wanted to get into better shape and be healthier overall. I wasn’t fat when I met Elicia, but I wasn’t fit. I was what you consider “skinny fat”. I lifted very seldom and mostly did cardio. I tried to eat healthy, but didn’t really know what that meant. I was a vegetarian who lived on eggs, pasta, and veggies. I had a lot of health issues, mostly stomach related, and that’s what mainly pushed me to look at my nutrition to feel better. It had gotten so bad at one point that I was actually hospitalized. I was seeing a gastrointestinal specialist and was on medication to manage symptoms. I was so embarrassed by my body that I would wear a t-shirt to go swimming and literally did not own one pair of shorts. I was so ashamed of my body that in 2010 I had liposuction on my thighs in an attempt to be comfortable enough to wear shorts. It didn’t work, they barely looked any different. The first day I met with Elicia we made a diet plan. She asked what my future goals were. She asked what the biggest dream I could possibly imagine would be. I told her to be an IFPA Bikini Pro.  She encouraged me, told me it was a great goal, but it would take a lot of work…and time. It was a slow process over time to eliminate processed foods, sugars, refined carbs, and junk from my diet, but when I did the digestive symptoms all but disappeared. After talking to my doctor, I was able to completely go off all of my stomach medication. 4 DIFFERENT MEDICATIONS!!!!

Once I started incorporating real, whole foods into my diet I felt much better, had more energy, and was able to put on muscle. I began working out 5 days a week and did NO CARDIO. I put on several pounds of lean muscle while losing significant amounts of body fat. In early 2015 we began talking about my goals for competing. I entered 3 different bikini divisions and took home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies.  On September 19, 2015 I stepped on stage at the KC Classic. I took home 1st in Bikini Novice, 1st in Bikini Open…and won my IFPA Pro Card. 

I couldn’t believe that almost exactly 12 months ago I had stepped into her office in jeans and a loose hoodie (my go to clothing) at 22% body fat and said my biggest dream was to be an IFPA Pro. Now I was standing backstage in a dressing room in a hot pink sparkly bikini at 9% body fat with tears in my eyes screaming to my coach that I’d just swept the competition and won my pro card.

I could not have gotten to this point without the support of Elicia, Nutrition Pros.  Elicia is not only my coach, but one of my greatest friends. Throughout this past year she hasn’t just adjusted my diet, she has done everything from giving me tough love and the push I need, to listen to me cry about issues in my personal life – all of which affect your ability to live healthy. She has truly been there every step of the way.  

If I can go from being a cardio addict, 22% body fat, and living in baggy clothes to lifting heavy, 9% body fat, HATING CARDIO, and confidently stepping on stage in a teeny tiny sparkly bikini, anyone can accomplish their fitness goals. You just have to have the right support, people backing you, believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything.