Ally Dumke

About This Project

At the beginning of this program, I felt like a completely different person than I am today. I had tried many diet plans and strict restrictions of food that never satisfied me. The most recent diet I tried before starting with Elicia was a 1200 calorie diet, eating whatever I wanted, just had to stay under 1200 calories a day. This helped me lose the weight I had been wanting to lose for a long time, but once I lost the weight, I was so scared to gain in back that I wasn’t even hitting the 1200 calorie mark, because I thought it would prevent me from gaining anything back.  I began to notice I was weak throughout the day, I never had energy, and my family and friends noticed that I wasn’t looking like myself anymore. At this point, my diet mainly consisted of egg whites and carrots, with the occasional turkey sandwich here and there. My body was so in need for nutrients, my skin actually started turning yellow.  At this point, my family knew something was wrong and they had to intervene. They asked me then if I wanted to see a nutritionist, but at that time, that is not something I was interested in.  Over the next few months, I started eating more and gaining weight, a lot of weight.  I was emotional all of the time, still didn’t have energy, and was not motivated to do anything. After about five months of this going on, I went to my doctor and found out I had a low thyroid hormone level, which contributed to my weight gain as well as my emotions being on a rollercoaster. I finally decided I wanted to see a nutritionist to help me get back on track.  My stepmom introduced me to Elicia and an amazing journey started.  At first I was apprehensive because Elicia told me I was going to be eating 1700-1900 calories a day. I thought there was no way I was going to lose weight by eating that much.  I decided to trust her because I knew at this point I could not do it by myself, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been losing weight and feeling finally back to myself.  Although I still have more weight to lose to reach my goal, this time I am going based off of how I feel and how I look, and not focusing on the number on the scale. I have learned to change my lifestyle in a healthy way. I eat healthy because that is what makes me feel good, but if I am at a football party, I don’t feel bad eating some wings and having a beer.  I have learned how to  balance and enjoy life, while still losing weight and feeling amazing about myself and my body.  I am excited to continue my journey with Elicia, and am thankful to have had this past summer learning almost everything I know about nutrition from her.  I know I couldn’t have done this without Elicia and I cant thank her enough!