Our Team

Todd Smith

Todd Smith grew up in a family that struggled with health and obesity. As a child he watched his family try every fad diet and quick fix workout program that hit the market, only to fail over and over again. The pain that he felt watching his family struggle forged his motivation and dedication to his life’s calling of helping others improve their health. As a young man, Todd Smith strove to learn everything that he could about exercise and nutrition so that he could teach his family to be healthy, strong, and confident. His desire to learn took him all over the U.S. He was not satisfied in reading books. Todd wanted to personally meet all the greatest minds that shared his love for transforming people’s bodies and helping them to achieve their dreams.


Smith has been helping people reach their health and fitness goals for almost 30 years! Throughout his career, Todd has passionately focused on delivering unparalleled service and customer commitment to each individual. Furthermore, Todd has spared absolutely no expense to provide the utmost in products and environment to assist each person in achieving their goals!


While there are other nutritional brands on the market today, only Nutrishop embodies the same core values and commitment to excellence as Todd Smith. Nutrishop has been, and always will be, about delivering the very highest quality products in the world! Along with providing the finest products, the Nutrishop staff’s sole mission is help everyone exceed their health and fitness goals by delivering the best products and services available! We will go above and beyond the necessary steps to ensure the Omaha community trends towards a healthier lifestyle!

Elicia Briggs 

Elicia Briggs, IFPA Figure Pro, IFPA Physique Pro, and Certified Fitness Nutritionist is the leading authority on nutrition at Nutrition Pros. She obtained a BS in Athletic Training from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and has her Master’s of Education from Iowa State University.


Her passion for fitness and health began at the early age of thirteen when she learned the basics of strength training from her father. She played softball for Iowa Western Community College for two years and was an avid soccer player. She became passionate about competing after attending her first bodybuilding show at which time she began extensive research on the correlation between nutrition and training.


Elicia has a strong desire to help people. She believes that fixing the foundation of our health lies solely in the foods we eat, and that food should work for us, not against us.


Let her maximize your metabolism to minimize your effort!

Nick Boswell

Nick originally got his start in the nutritional supplement industry in 1999 while achieving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Health & Physical Education. Coming from an athletic background and a family that was pro-fitness it seemed like a natural fit.


Since 1999, Nick has had the opportunity to work with 3 other nutritional supplement companies here in Nebraska prior to becoming a Co-Owner with Nutrishop Omaha. Nick has had the opportunity to turn his passion into a profession and continues efforts to stay on top of the fitness & nutrition industry trends.


Nick is a Certified Personal Trainer, Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Instructor and Certified Sports Nutritionist and was a contributor to the best selling book Champions Body-for-LIFE written by Art Carey in 2008. Nick also served nearly 10 years as a law enforcement officer here in Nebraska and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others allowing them to achieve their personal health and wellness goals.  With Nick’s industry exposure, background in nutrition and experience in competitive bodybuilding, joining forces with Nutrishop Omaha’s affiliate business Nutrition Pros Omaha seemed like an opportunity that he could not pass up.

Let him maximize your metabolism to minimize your effort!