Do you ever wonder to yourself why millions of Americans each year attempt to start a nutrition plan and fail and or quit a few days, weeks or even months into starting? Shoot how many times have you seen people workout strenuously for 6-8-10 or even 12 weeks to lose weight for a gym contest or work weight loss challenge only to finish, binge eat and fall right back off the wagon like it’s time to celebrate getting fat again….

Well I am going to be real blunt and point out several reasons why I have seen people fail over and over again. First and foremost the biggest thing I often see people do incorrectly is DIET…. Now think about this, no diet on earth is sustainable. Diets frankly are a quick fix and we really don’t take into account daily life occurrences such as family get togethers, holidays, special events ect. I have seen thousands of diets get people results, heck I can get you results being consistent eating dirt from your back yard if you just follow the darn program. Most people never approach getting healthy with the correct mindset to achieve long term success.

The bottom line is simply this, we treat our cars better then we treat our body. If you get in your car and the low fuel light comes on we go to get gas. If the check engine light comes on we go service the car, if the oil change required light comes on we take the car to the local dealership and get it all fixed up yet we ignore getting healthy everyday. Ponder this for a minute, our cars can be traded in but we can’t trade in our body. We are stuck with the body we were given till death do us part yet we fuel ourselves with garbage processed foods, tons of sugar, pop, cookies and candy and expect to get amazing performance from our body and expect to look and feel our best.

If you fueled you car with sugar I promise that you’re not going to get far so why the hell do we slowly poison ourselves with the same junk? If you want to get healthy change your thinking and provide yourself an amazing emotional reason to stay on course. I will tell you mine and it’s simple… I take pride in how I look, how I feel and I want to be an amazing role model for my children. I want to look forty when I am 60, I want to be able to fight father-time and fuel the competitive spirit that lies within me so I challenge myself to push outside my limits with exercise and nutrition. The only difference between living and dying is 6 feet… 6 feet in the ground, so make the decision to cut the crap eat real animal based proteins, earth grown carbohydrates, tons of vegetables and drink lots of water. Sound simple? It is, it’s simply saying this is what I want and this is why I am doing it. If you understand who you are and what you want, getting healthy is easy!

Make the decision today to get healthy and be the best you! If you have questions stop by one of our two nutrition stores or either TS Nutrition Pros locations. Your total body transformation will only start when you set your mind to it and keep laser sharp focus on that goal!

~TS Nutrition Pros

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