Throw Out the Damn Diet!

Throw Out the Damn Diet!

Since the first day I began working in the health and wellness industry back in May of 1999 I have heard just about every single quick fix miracle pill product and magical diets that guarantee outlandish success when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscle. Shoot… recently I heard a radio advertisement telling people now that they are not overweight and they may just be bloated. When I hear stuff like this it literally makes my head spin.

Here is the cold hard truth when it comes to achieving your goals related to health and wellness. THROW OUT THE DAMN DIET! This may sound crazy, but diets are not sustainable ways to achieve your results that you want long term. A diet is not something you can stay on for the rest of your life and be happy. A diet is just merely a quick fix. I like to tell people that if you want amazing results and want to be healthy and happy pick a plan that involves “healthy nutrition”.

Healthy nutrition plans teach you how to eat to achieve success without feeling like a slave to your macros, a slave to weighing out food, a slave eating out of Tupperware at family events and social gatherings. Stop eating like this for attention and start picking foods that create an internal environment conducive to creating the very best you.

Allow your body to eat complete proteins that expedite repair and recovery from exercise, carbs that provide maximum energy while stabilizing your blood glucose levels when paired with those fantastic proteins, vegetables that provide sensational vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber along with healthy fats that literally work wonders for your body. By allowing yourself to eat these natural based foods paired with drinking good old fashioned water, you are sure to live with energy you never thought you could have, you will sleep like a baby and watch your body composition change before your eyes.

The easiest way to start is by cutting the processed foods & refined sugars along with foods and drinks that are sabotaging you from looking and feeling your best! If you need help and are ready for some guidance with a plan that is sustainable and provides accountability! Visit us inside your (2) local Nutrishop Omaha locations.

~Team Nutrition Pros Omaha

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