Back to school & back on track!

Back to school & back on track!

Every year we see the seasonal trends within the health wellness industry that look a lot like a roller coaster ride.  Around January, everyone is gung-ho and ready to smash New Year’s resolutions and reclaim their lost health, toward February or March many people give up and decide to fall back into their complacent unhealthy lifestyle while several others push forward toward spring and summer actually achieving success but are quickly pulled into the summer temptations of alcohol and outdoor BBQ’s that serve up the typical processed food and high carb diets that quickly pack the unwanted pounds back onto our waistlines leading us into August & September where we look in the mirror and realize…..WHAT HAVE I DONE???

News Flash, back to school is hear and the TIME IS NOW to jump back on the wagon, get our nutrition in check and get our butts back in the gym. I always tell people getting healthy is what I call a timeless sport and anyone can do it with a little bit of effort and motivation. We all know we will never out run our forks and the poor nutritional habits we have created over the years, but we all can make amazing changes by simply improving our nutrition which is the foundation of our success.

The average American is spending more than $3,000 a year on food and coffee just during the business days of the week. This stat doesn’t include weekend indulgences which probably would double that number. We’re not financial planners at Nutrition Pros but I know we could give you some sound financial advice showing you how to reallocate some of those funds back into your health eliminating the low energy, poor sleep patterns and stubborn fat that you never seem to be able to shake. If you are sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired”, lets get started today because school is back in session!

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