I’m gonna be real for just one second. It is so much easier to speak negatively about yourself or someone else. Seriously! Focusing on the negative is a common practice that has taken off like a wild fire. Since social media has exploded, the “shame” game has been played by virtually EVERYONE. The selfie and social documentation of someone’s life has left an OPEN SEASON sign on placing judgment on someone’s life. WHY? Why are we so negative towards each other?! Why do we have to bring each other down? Does it build us up? No, in fact, negativity will most likely keep you in a negative state of mind. Negativity attracts negativity. Luckily, the same goes for positivity. Imagine a world where we lifted each other up instead of trashed the choices or lives of our fellow person.

Perhaps we should start within ourselves. I had a client weigh in today who had a rough 2 weeks. She had lost 2lbs since regaining control of herself this week. Her sad reaction was, “ Awe man, only 2 lbs.” HELLO!!!!! YOU LOST 2 LBS IN A WEEK?! How is that not AWESOME?! We have to realize that our happiness starts within ourselves. If you don’t think you’ll have a good day, you won’t. If you don’t think you’ll get the results that you want, you won’t. If you tell yourself EVERY DAY that you can follow your meal plan, you can get your workout in, you are going to change your life, YOU WILL! Self loathing and negativity are internal murderers. Negativity is hard on the body, the mind, and your heart! You have to change your way of thinking.

I challenge each and every one of you to start every single day with a positive mindset. For every negative comment or thought, force a positive. “I didn’t lose any weight this week, but next week I’m gonna kill all my workouts.” “I have a huge zit on my chin, but I’m having one heck of a good hair day!” Before you get out of bed, tell yourself that today will be a fantastic day because you’re going to make it that way! Even if you end up having the worst day of your life, you still had a day. You still have a life! If you’re into the whole social media thing, follow people for inspiration not to degrade them. Don’t get caught up in the “shame” game and judging the way someone else lives their life. You never know someone else’s struggle. Let their inspiration lift you up. Inspire others. You never know who is watching, so do something positive everyday. Say something positive about yourself everyday. Always remember, the only happiness you can live is your own, so go get your happy!!

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